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What does renters insurance cover | Discover what your policy protects against and find coverage deals. You need to know what does renters insurance cover before you buy coverage. If you don't yet have any protection, find the best carrier rates from insurers listed in your area now.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?
Here we'll look at both the AREAS of coverage protection offered and the specific events or circumstances that are covered known as 'PERILS'. Renter policies are normally sold as a packaged product that contains four key areas of protection. There is one quote or premium that covers all four areas:

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What Does Renters Insurance Cover For

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AREAS of coverage

1. Contents

Your personal property, possessions or belongings. This is potentially a huge list of items and covers almost anything you can think of (not including autos) that you own. Clothes, furniture, furnishings, electronics, tools, CD's, bicycles, books, appliances, BBQ, jewelry, laptop and on and on. You must own the items.

What does renters insurance cover if I share an apartment? Only your own stuff. Each person must hold their own cover, for their own stuff only.

Does renters insurance cover my stuff away from my accommodation? - YES.

Typically protection for your things applies even when items are outside the home, e.g. in a car, or with you on vacation. Your auto ins. does not cover items stolen from your vehicle. You need a renters product to protect against that situation.

2. Personal Liability

Your liability to others. If you cause bodily injury to another person or damage to their property accidentally or through your negligence then you could be sued.

What does renters insurance cover for liability?

Liability coverage protects you against the financial consequences of a lawsuit or claim against you or your resident family member. It can meet the cost of a judgment and attorney costs. Without such, your assets and even your future wages could be at risk.

You choose a coverage 'limit of liability', the maximum that the insurer will pay in the event (e.g. $100,000 worth of protection).

3. Loss of Use/ Additional Living Expense

If you cannot occupy your accommodation because of a covered circumstance then this coverage helps pay for additional cost that you may have to incur. E.g. hotel bills, meals and more. On the news you may here about residents that could not return to their apartment for example due to a fire. Loss of use protects you from the financial consequences of being temporarily unable to live in your home.

4. Medical Payments 

Some cover is normally contained for the medical costs of someone else injured in or around your residence.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover Against

does renters insurance cover theft


Coverage PERILS

Your contents, personal property, possessions or belongings are typically protected against a named list of perils or causes of loss or damage including:

- Fire
- Smoke
- Burglary
- Theft
- Vandalism
- Malicious Mischief
- Robbery

- Lightning
- Windstorm
- Hail
- Explosion
- Vehicle caused damage (non-owned)
- Riot
- Civil commotion
- Aircraft
- Glass breakage
- Falling objects
- Weight of ice and snow
- Sudden and accidental discharge, leaking or overflow of water or steam (Not natural floods)
- Freezing of plumbing, heating and A/C systems or appliance.

Does renters insurance cover theft - YES

You can see from the list that theft is covered as standard. Does renters insurance cover theft from my vehicle - YES. It also covers theft of your belongings wherever they are located, in most cases, even abroad.

Renters Insurance Best Company Deals

When you buy a renter insurance product you have many choices of carrier or insurance company from which to choose. We help you find the right provider and product and get the best rate possible. What does renters insurance cover when its time to make a claim; that is, how much money will I get? There are choices to be made about the coverage that you select. How - and thus how much you are reimbursed for a loss depends on your choice. You'll need to decide whether a cash value settlement or full replacement cost approach is right for you. There are also limits to the amount that can be claimed for according to categories or types of contents. This site aims to help explain the choices and point you in the right direction. You can find a list of companies that can offer quality including best priced quotes in your area. Always gather price details from a few carriers here online whenever you think about purchasing or renewing your protection. What does renter insurance cover? A great deal and provides peace of mind for a mostly very affordable price.


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