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Renters insurance Virginia | Protect yourself for less. Cheap renters insurance Virginia rates are the answer to quality low cost renters insurance for Virginia residents. The landlord's policy won't cover your belongings. Renters insurance for Virginia tenants that rent a home, apartment, condo or any type of rental accommodation is an essential buy.

With renters insurance Virginia customers gain valuable protection, not just for their personal property; renters insurance Virginia policies are sold as a package. Quotes online and offline typically reflect the following types of coverage:

renters insurance for Virginia

  • Contents/Personal Property
  • Medical Payments For Guests
  • Loss of Use/Additional Living Cost
  • Liability Insurance


Personal Property Renters Insurance For Virginia

Your belongings are protected wherever. Renters insurance for Virginia personal property is typically extended to cover your stuff, wherever it may be. In addition to your apartment, items may be with you on vacation, in your car or outside of your rental home in a garden for example. For this reason, personal property renters insurance Virginia is a better description than 'contents'.

renters insurance virginia Standard renters insurance Virginia policies provide protection for your belongings against a named list of perils. Does renters insurance for Virginia residents cover theft as standard? Yes. Renters insurance for Virginia property covers you against loss or damaged caused by:


 !  Theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism, fire, smoke, lightning, windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, aircraft, vehicles, volcanic eruption, falling objects, weight of snow and ice, accidental water discharge, freezing of plumbing, HVAC and appliances and the sudden accidental tearing apart or cracking etc. of systems.

Coverage Limit:

With renters insurance Virginia consumers must choose a dollar amount of principal coverage. The renters insurance Virginia policy limit should be enough to cover an entire loss, of all your personal property.


Renters insurance in Virginia claims are settled on an 'Actual Cash Value' basis. This means that renters insurance in Virginia companies will reimburse you for the used or depreciated worth of an item under the standard settlement approach.

The best renters insurance Virginia settlement method is 'Replacement Cost'. With this method any renters insurance Virginia claims are reimbursed at the full cost to replace the item. A Virginia renter can normally purchase this best settlement method as an endorsement or rider to the renter agreement for additional quote cost.

Replacement cost may be offered with some Virginia renters insurance quotes as the standard or default settlement method. For cheap Virginia renters insurance quotes that reflect replacement cost, it could still be cheaper to add an endorsement to a basic policy.


Renters insurance for Virginia as in all states has limitations. Payouts under renters insurance for Virginia residents are subject to category of item limits within what is your total aggregate coverage for personal property.

Renter insurance in VA claims for computer equipment of jewelry loss for example can only be paid out with reference to a maximum category limit for such items. Within some renters insurance in Virginia categories (e.g. jewelry) there are per item limits to contend with.

Virginia renters may wish to 'Schedule' any belongings of particular value in their policy. In such case, specific items are listed out in the agreement for an additional premium. The standard renters insurance Virginia method is known as 'Unscheduled Personal Property' because your belongings are not identified explicitly in the VA renters insurance agreement.

Medical Payments For Guests

Pays for the medical bills of any guest or visitor that may be injured at your rental apartment or home without regard to fault.

Loss of Use/Additional Living Cost

This VA renter insurance will cover extraordinary expenses that can arise when you cannot occupy your accommodation. An insured event may force you to leave your apartment and stay in a hotel for example; this VA renter coverage can pay for the hotel.

Liability Insurance

Your Virginia renters liability insurance covers you against the financial consequences of a lawsuit that could be brought against you. Liability renters insurance for Virginia renters is a valuable cover that can pay the cost of a court awarded judgment and also pay for legal defense.

This important renters insurance for Virginia residents can help to safeguard your wealth by preventing your assets, savings and even wages to come from being called on. Virginia liability insurance for renters covers you if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property.

Cheap Renters Insurance In Virginia

Find insurers here online. Renters insurance Virginia carriers are the same companies that sell home owner policies in general. For the best renters insurance in Virginia savings shop quotes from a few carriers. Renters insurance companies in VA set rates that vary by location and principal coverage amounts. The competitiveness of quotes is dependent on the underlying rate used. Since these can vary greatly, collecting a few quotes is the best way to go about saving money on your Virginia renters insurance premium. You may request a higher deductible in order to lower the cost of your quote, however this is no substitute for shopping quotes that allows you to discover a better rate carrier. Before you buy renters insurance in Virginia it is worth considering carrier quality. You may find renters insurance Virginia reviews online that can aid in the purchase decision. You should feel comfortable with the carrier's performance in regard to claim processing and payouts in addition to finding the cheapest VA renters quote. For local insurers that can offer you this essential renter purchase, start here; your free Virginia renters insurance online quote resource.


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