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Renters Insurance Quote

Renters insurance quote savings and carrier choice | Getting a free renters insurance quote is fast and easy. Ask what would you do if your possessions were stolen or lost in a fire? Compared to other insurance, a renters insurance quote is typically very affordable and holding coverage can provide both peace of mind and security. Some landlords even require that you hold renters liability protection, so understanding a renters insurance quote is important when you rent all types of accommodation.

Renters Insurance Quote

When you request a renters insurance quote you receive a premium price for a range of insurance protection that typically includes coverage for:

renter insurance quote

1. Personal Property

All your stuff / belongings; everything that you own, in and when such items are away from the residence.

2. Liability

Your legal liability to others for bodily injury or damaged property that results from an accident, your own negligence or acts of your pets, in or away from you're rented accommodation. Includes the cost of resolving claims or defending a lawsuit brought against you.

3. Loss of Use/Additional Living Expense

Your renters insurance quote contains coverage in case you are unable to inhabit the accommodation due to a covered event. The renters insurance quote is based on an amount calculated as a percentage of the Personal Property limit that you choose.

4. Guest Medical Payments

Pays medical expenses for people injured in or around your residence, regardless of liability.

Renters Insurance Quote Coverage

renter insurance quoteDeciding on your Personal Property Limit is important. Your renters insurance quote is heavily influenced by the dollar amount chosen. Whilst the greater the limit chosen for Personal Property coverage, the more expensive quotes become, it is important to select an appropriate amount.

If you were to calculate the cost to replace all your stuff of every description from laptop to socks and furniture to bedding for example, the cost to replace everything can be surprisingly high. When you seek a renters insurance quote you are normally asked to choose or enter an amount.

An online renters insurance quote may offer coverage bands to simplify the process; for example an online renters insurance quote may offer a choice of coverage limits as 10-$20,000, 20-$30,000 and upwards etc. This broad approach helps to enable a more instant renters insurance quote although it may not be a final underwritten rate.

What does your renter insurance quote cover with regards to personal property? What protection does a renter insurance quote and policy afford?

renters quotePersonal Property is protected against a list of named perils or causes of loss. Most quotes reflect a similar list of covered events, but a renters insurance quote itself may, or may not make the list clear. A standard renters insurance quote is for contents protection against the following perils or situations:


- Fire
- Theft
- Burglary
- Robbery
- Vandalism
- Malicious Mischief
- Lightning
- Windstorm
- Hail
- Explosion
- Riot
- Civil Commotion
- Aircraft
- Vehicles
- Smoke
- Glass Breakage
- Volcanic Eruption
- Falling Objects
- Weight of Ice and Snow
- Sudden and accidental tearing / bulging of heating or cooling systems
- Sudden and accidental water discharge from appliances or plumbing
- Freezing of plumbing system

Renters Insurance Quote For Contents

quote for renters insurance When you obtain a basic renters insurance quote the settlement approach or payout basis for damaged or lost property items is Actual Cash Value. This means the current day, second hand, depreciated value of your belongings. A renters insurance quote on the basis of Actual Cash Value settlement is cheaper, but reflects inferior protection.

A renters insurance quote may also be obtained on the basis of a full Replacement Cost settlement approach. Although more expensive, this provides monies that can pay for the actual cost to replace the items new. When you seek or obtain a renters insurance quote it is important to know which of the two approaches is being quoted for.

Endorsements or optional extras increase the cost of your renters insurance quote. Many carriers may offer replacement cost as an endorsement, others may only offer it. Be clear what's on offer. It should be noted that the default ('Unscheduled') approach for contents is not to identify your belongings explicitly.

For the purposes of claims and further endorsements, items or types of personal property fall into categories. These categories have claim limits within the total content limit that your renters insurance quote is based upon. Your renters insurance quote can be based on extended category limits if so desired for additional cost.

Further endorsements allow you to itemize (or Schedule) contents of particular value in order to avoid category limits reflected in a basic standard renters insurance quote.

Best Renters Insurance Quote

There are choices to be made with any renters insurance quote in terms of the coverage, but also with the provider or carrier that you choose. In addition to the price competitiveness of quotes there are quality issues to consider. A renters insurance quote comparison should be made with an eye on both the quality of the coverage and on customer service and satisfaction with regard to claims handling and payouts. You wish to know that any claim will be met fairly, without delay or hassle. Some carriers offer online support for the claims process that can be useful in time of need and may offer renter savings online. Other renters insurance free quote services exist but generally shopping with direct carriers here online is the best approach whenever you need a renters insurance quote. Rates change so always price test quotes from a few carriers at every renewal time. Get a quick renters insurance rate quote for renters insurance today. Stay protected and enjoy peace of mind.


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