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Renters Insurance NJ

Renters insurance NJ | Protect your belongings and assets for less. A renters insurance NJ policy is collection of coverages sold together as a 'package'. With renters insurance NJ consumers gain valuable protection for their personal property, wherever it is.

Standard renters insurance NJ policies also contain personal liability insurance protection as well as other useful coverages that help ensure the best New Jersey deals for renters looking to safeguard their financial well-being. When you buy renters insurance NJ carriers take over the financial responsibility for events that could otherwise cost you dearly. In exchange for your payment of a renters insurance NJ premium, insurers accept these financial risks.

New Jersey renters insurance

It is important to understand that when you rent any type of New Jersey accommodation, be it a room, house, apartment or condo etc., your landlord or the managing agent is not responsible for your own personal property or possessions. A renters insurance NJ policy is required if you are to financially protect yourself from the consequences of loss or damage.

New Jersey renters insurance A renters insurance NJ personal policy is required to protect against many perils including theft. What some New Jersey tenants may not know is that if your home or apartment content is damaged or destroyed by fire or smoke, the landlord's insurance will not help you out. Landlord's are only required to insure the building, such that holding your own renters insurance NJ coverage is essential if you are to be safe from the financial affects of fire, theft and more.

Your renters insurance NJ coverage will protect your stuff, wherever it is located. Known as personal property insurance, your items could be within your residence, outside, in a car or away with you on vacation. Let's look at what renter quotes include and the situations that personal property coverage protects you against in New Jersey.

NJ Renters Insurance

For quotes find New Jersey renter insurance carriers here online. NJ renters insurance companies offer a packaged renter product that provides coverage for:

1. Personal Property (Sometimes called 'Contents', this coverage extends protection beyond just the home itself)
2. Additional Living Costs
3. Medical Payments
4. Personal Liability

1. Personal Property Renters insurance NJ

Under your Contents renters insurance NJ coverage, your belongings, possessions - all your stuff is protected against a list of 'Named Perils'. These are the specific events, occurrences or causes of damage or loss that the insurance will cover:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Theft and burglary
  • Explosions
  • Smoke
  • Damage from vehicles and aircrafts
  • Glass breakage
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • Riot and civil commotion
  • Building collapse
  • Freezing of or accidental discharge of water/steam from within a plumbing or heating or air conditioning system and appliances.
  • Falling objects
  • Weight of snow and ice or sleet
  • Rupture or the bursting of steam or hot water heating system


The fire and theft perils alone are worth holding your own renters insurance NJ policy.

In the event that you need to make a claim for damaged or lost items, the renters insurance NJ company will settle your claim on an 'Actual Cash Value' basis. This means that they will pay the depreciated, used value or worth of any item.

renter insurance nj New Jersey renters insurance customers can often choose to upgrade their coverage to offer 'Replacement Cost'. This New Jersey renters insurance approach (which pays for the actual cost to replace claimed items new) may be purchased as an 'endorsement' and will be noted on your insurance declarations.

Your personal property coverage will offer protection for your belongings when they are both in and away from your home. Personal items stolen from autos are only covered under NJ renter insurance or home owner products, not under your vehicle coverage.

2. Additional Living Costs

Renters insurance New Jersey quotes reflect coverage for additional living expenses that can result when you cannot temporarily live in your accommodation due to an insured event. This could be hotel and meal bills etc. Ever hear about New Jersey renters being unable to return to their apartment due to a fire? This coverage helps.

3. Medical Payments

This renters insurance NJ protection is for visitors or guests that may suffer an injury at your residence. It pays their medical bills subject to limitation.

4. Personal Liability Renters Insurance NJ

This invaluable cover helps protect your own financial assets. Liability renters insurance NJ provides financial protection against the consequences of a lawsuit brought against you. If you accidentally cause injury to another person or damage property you could be sued.

A negligent act or omission on your part could lead to a lawsuit, the cost of which can be devastating. Liability renters insurance NJ steps in to pay for legal defense costs and the cost of any financial judgment made against you. With renters insurance NJ liability coverage you protect your savings, assets and future wages. You can choose your own New Jersey policy 'limit of liability', the maximum amount the insurer would pay.

Best Renters Insurance NJ

Find renters insurance companies in NJ that can offer you a great quote today. How much is renters insurance in NJ? The average cost of renters insurance in NJ is most affordable, only a few dollars per month. Without the expense of insuring the building you'll find that quotes are generally affordable and well worth it when you consider the protection offered. Although NJ renters insurance quotes are affordable in general, shopping quotes will help to maximize savings. New Jersey renter quotes are based upon rates that do vary between companies. Collecting quotes from a few carriers listed here will reward you with the best savings. Some discounts are available to help reduce renters insurance NJ premiums further. Raising your deductible will help towards a cheap renters insurance NJ quote. In addition, you may wish to accept the standard cash value approach to settlement. Before making any purchase, it may be useful to check out how the insurer rates on customer satisfaction with claims handling and the fairness of payouts made; the cheapest renters insurance NJ quotes may not reflect the best overall purchase when you consider both price and quality.


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