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Renters insurance NC | Insure your property for less. With a renters insurance NC policy behind you, you can rest knowing your assets are well protected. Every renters insurance NC quote is based on a range of coverage that protects your finances in a number of areas.

Renters insurance NC policies cover your belongings, wherever they are located in North Carolina, in addition to offering valuable protection for personal liability and more. In exchange for your payment of a renters insurance NC premium, insurers take on these risks leaving you free of worry. Renters insurance NC companies sell policies for most rental accommodation situations.

renters insurance North Carolina

Regardless of whether you need North Carolina quotes as an apartment, house, condo or simply a room renter, the renters insurance NC product offers invaluable protection and helps safeguard your finances and with it your lifestyle. Find carriers for the best renters insurance NC quotes today.

Renters Insurance NC Coverage

renters insurance North Carolina Your purchase of North Carolina renters insurance will typically provide protection in the following areas:



  • Personal Property (your belongings)
  • Liability (in the event you are sued)
  • Loss of Use (if you can't stay at your residence)
  • Medical Payments To Others (for a guest injured at your place)


Personal Property

Renters insurance NC personal property or 'contents insurance' as sometimes referred to is the major protection. Renters insurance NC quotes depend on the dollar amount of principal coverage selected for your belongings. Personal property covers your stuff both when located in the accommodation, outside of it (e.g. in a garden or your car) and when items are away with you (e.g. in a hotel on vacation).

Your renters insurance North Carolina policy limit should be chosen carefully and reflect the amount or sum necessary to replace all of your possessions in the event of a total loss.

With standard personal property renters insurance NC consumers get any claims reimbursed on an Actual Cash or Depreciated Value basis. A renters insurance NC endorsement or rider to the contract can ensure that any claim for lost or damaged items is paid out on a full Replacement Cost basis. A replacement cost endorsement will add to the cost of renters insurance in NC.

Personal property North Carolina renters insurance is provided under an aggregate or Unscheduled approach. This means that individual items or belongings are not expressly listed in the agreement. NC renters insurance for unscheduled personal property is subject to category of item limits.

Insurers classify belongings into groups for the purposes of claims. Such renters insurance NC content categories include for example jewelry, computer equipment, silverware and more. With a claim under their renters insurance NC consumers can be restricted by these category limits and there are typically per-item limits within some categories like jewelry.

Those North Carolina renters with valuable collections or items will want to consider 'Scheduling'. Scheduled property is where certain items that you declare in advance are specifically noted in the contract. In this way you can overcome the limitations that exist with the general unscheduled approach.

Covers damage or loss caused by specified or 'Named Perils':

  • Fire
  • Smoke Damage
  • Theft and Burglary
  • Vandalism and Malicious Mischief
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm and hail
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Weight of snow, ice and sleet
  • Falling Objects
  • Aircraft and Vehicle
  • Damage by glass
  • Explosion
  • Riot and Civil Commotion
  • Accidental discharge of water/steam
  • Sudden accidental cracking, tearing apart, burning or bulging of systems
  • Freezing of the plumbing, heating, a/c or fire suppressant systems and domestic appliances
  • Sudden and accidental damage from artificial electrical current



North Carolina renters insurance Your liability renters insurance NC coverage protects you against the consequences of being sued. This valuable renters insurance NC protection is designed to safeguard your financial assets in the event that you are sued for causing injury or for damaging the property of another.

In the case of a lawsuit, your policy can pay for legal defense costs and the amount of a judgment awarded against you. Negligent acts or omissions may be covered both at the residence and away from it. Your assets, savings and potentially your future earnings could be at stake if you are sued and do not hold this NC renter insurance coverage.

Loss of Use

Renters insurance in North Carolina comes with Loss of Use or Additional Living Expense coverage. This pays for the added expenses that can arise when you are unable to reside in your North Carolina apartment or rental due to a renters insurance NC covered circumstance.

With loss of use renters insurance NC terms typically offer coverage at 20% of the policy limit or figure chosen for personal property. Expenses could include for example, hotel bills, meals and storage.

Medical Payments To Others

Pays for the necessary reasonable medical expenses of persons that are accidentally injured at your residence. Applicable to non-resident guests or visitors only. In some cases, the coverage may extend to cover events away from your home.

Best Renters Insurance NC

Find North Carolina renters insurance companies that may afford you the best rate here online. Renters insurance NC quotes are based upon rates that do vary among insurance companies. The exact location of your apartment or North Carolina rental home and the principal dollar coverage needed will dictate who offers the best price quotes. How much is renters insurance in NC is therefore personal to you, your location, coverage and the insurer chosen. For the most part renters insurance NC rates and quotes are affordable and a good product may be purchased for just a few dollars per month. For the best cheap renters insurance NC quote shop for quotes from North Carolina carriers listed here. The cheapest NC renters insurance comes when you find a value original rate carrier here. Take advantage of discounts as available. Raising your deductible will help to lower the cost of your premium. In addition, by accepting the standard cash value settlement approach you can also keep the price of quotes down.


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