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Renters insurance MN | Quality renters protection; for the best renters insurance MN residents start here. If you rent a Minnesota house, apartment, condo or other rental accommodation, you'll want to hold a personal renters insurance MN policy to protect your belongings and more. Your landlord's insurance doesn't cover losses to renters personal property.

Even in the case of an apartment fire for example, where the fire began in another unit and was not your fault, you have no financial recourse under the landlords insurance. Unless you hold your own renters insurance Minnesota policy, any personal property loss you suffer won't be compensated for. Get Minnesota quotes now.

Minnesota renters insurance quotes

The renter coverage product offers protection for your belongings against the perils of fire, smoke, theft, vandalism and more. Known and denoted as insurance form Ho4, the standard renters insurance MN product also provides coverage for personal liability and more.

Ho4 Renters Insurance MN Coverage

  • Personal Property (aka Contents)
  • Loss Of Use
  • Guest Medical
  • Personal Liability


Minnesota renters insurance These four separate areas of coverage come within what is a package of protection or multi-line insurance product. Sold together for a single premium, Minnesota renters insurance quotes reflect all the above coverage; the cost of Minnesota renters insurance quotes being closely related to the dollar amount of cover chosen for personal property, sometimes referred to a Contents.

Here we explore the Ho4 product and highlight the important decisions to be made.

Personal Property

Minnesota personal property insurance for renters covers your belongings wherever they may be. This includes loss or damage to items in the home (as contents) and away from the rental (e.g. in your car or at a hotel).

The first task for Minnesota renters is to select an appropriate coverage amount. Do you need $40,000 or $75,000 worth of coverage for example?

MN renters insurance The standard approach to determining this figure is to estimate the cost to replace all your belongings in one go. Assume you lost all your possessions, how much money would be required to buy everything back new in like kind. This includes everything you own from your prized TV to your socks.

A renters insurance MN calculator may help you figure the sum. Such renters insurance MN tools are useful in showing how you can itemize belongings room by room in your rental apartment or accommodation. Categorize items and estimate the cost new to replace.

  • E.g. Clothes, Furniture, Cookware, Appliances, Art, Electronics, Books and CD's, Computing Equipment, Tools and more. Don't forget items outside of the home such as a BBQ.


The grand total estimate cost to replace all your stuff then becomes your Minnesota renters insurance Policy Limit; the amount of coverage determined necessary. A Minnesota renters insurance quote requires that you have first decided on this important figure. The price of quotes increases in general, the more dollar coverage required.

Cover: Named Perils. Theft, Fire, Smoke, Hail, Windstorm and more.

Settlement: Actual Cash Value. The default settlement method is to reimburse the Minnesota renter the used or depreciated worth of any item claimed. An endorsement is commonly added to the policy, which upgrades this settlement approach to the preferred full Replacement Cost settlement method.

Scheduling: The standard renters insurance MN cover for personal property is offered as Unscheduled. Minnesota renters insurance quote cost is kept down through an easy approach to personal property insurance that does not require the renter to first identify or list out everything they own in order to get covered.

This generic Unscheduled approach avoids the cumbersome task of itemizing and declaring all your belongings to the insurer. Should a claim be made, the insurer will categorize the type of items that you claim for. Within the total coverage amount there are limits that apply to certain categories of item, such as silverware. Some categories also have a per-item claim or dollar settlement limit.

Scheduling items of particular value is a way to overcome these limitations under the general unscheduled renters insurance Minnesota approach. In such case the renter first evidences the value of an item to the insurer (by receipt or appraisal etc). The item is then Scheduled or listed on the policy declarations and for added premium, is protected under its own terms.

Loss Of Use

This useful renters insurance MN coverage can reimburse you for the cost of a hotel, meals and other extraordinary living expenses that may arise when you cannot occupy your apartment or rental due to a loss scenario under Minnesota renters insurance cover. For example a fire that displaces you.

Guest Medical

Pays for the reasonable related medical expenses of a person injured at your Minnesota rental home. A visitor to your apartment or rented house for example may become injured requiring treatment as a result. This coverage pays up to the limit for such expense without regard for liability. It does not cover the renter them self.

Personal Liability

Valuable renters insurance in Minnesota cover for the renter; should you cause personal injury or damage property you could be sued. This coverage is for negligence type lawsuits where you could be found liable for financial damages. Your insurer can meet the cost of any judgment and also cover the cost of defense, all subject to a limit.

The average Minnesota renters insurance quote offers $100,000 protection as standard, but you can buy more by raising the liability limit. Good renters insurance MN liability cover should offer protection against incidents that may occur away from the rented accommodation in addition to any event that takes place within or around.

Cheap Renters Insurance MN

Find state carriers and get free Minnesota renters quotes. Price testing comparison quotes is essential for the renter serious about saving money. While the cost of a policy is affordable in general, quotes or prices are determined by Minnesota renters insurance rates that can vary significantly one insurer to the next. The dollar amount of coverage required and location of the rental are important facts that dictate what rate the insurer can offer. A rate is a base cost or basic pricing level that the insurer uses to begin with when calculating a quote. Shopping quotes leads to the cheapest renters insurance in Minnesota policy. With a good price quote found based on the choice of Minnesota renters insurance company, the renter may further reduce the premium using universal premium reduction tactics. These include raising the deductible chosen, paying up front and avoiding installments and getting any discount applied. These steps lower the premium quote from any insurer but in order to be efficient they must be applied to a carrier having a good low cost renters insurance MN rate set for your location and principal coverage amount. Renters insurance companies in Minnesota may be found here online. See how affordable a quote for quality Ho4 coverage is. Compare now.


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