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Renters insurance Colorado | Protect your belongings and lifestyle. Best renters insurance Colorado products from top local carriers. For quality affordable renters insurance Colorado residents start here. Holding your own coverage is essential in order to protect you from the financial consequences of fire, theft and other perils.

Your landlord or apartment property management company will not provide financial recourse in the event of such loss. A personal renters insurance Colorado policy is necessary and in some cases landlords actually demand it. Renters insurance Colorado quotes are typically issued for what is referred to as a 'packaged product' of coverages that goes beyond just providing protection for your personal property or belongings. Find carriers online and get the best renter quotes today.

Colorado renters insurance

For a single premium or price your personal renters insurance Colorado policy will provide coverage in the following areas:

Renters Insurance Colorado Coverage

1. Personal Property (aka Contents)
2. Loss of Use
3. Medical Payments To Guests
4. Personal Liability

Personal Property

Colorado renters insuranceColorado renters insurance companies found here all offer great contents coverage. Colorado renters insurance quotes or the cost of your premium is dependent on the amount of principal coverage selected for Personal Property aka Contents, known as the policy limit. This is the total or maximum dollar amount that the insurer is liable to have to pay you in the event of a claim.

Your renters insurance Colorado limit should be an amount sufficient to replace all your belongings. A renters insurance Colorado calculator is a simple tool or aid to help you estimate the total value of all your stuff when added up. Such tools are mostly helpful in reminding you about the various items you own, from expensive electronics down to a pair of socks and estimator tools are really sales tools, but nevertheless can be a useful reference in helping decide on a principal coverage amount.

Personal property renters insurance Colorado is sometimes referred to as 'Contents Insurance'. This is misleading since the renters insurance Colorado coverage for personal property extends to cover your belongings, not just as contents in the home, but also items outside of the home (e.g. in a garden) and where away from the home entirely (e.g. with you on vacation or left in your car).

renter insurance Colorado For personal property (located anywhere), a renters insurance Colorado product will extend coverage protection for a list of 'Named Perils'. These are renters insurance Colorado events or causes of loss that may qualify for a claim. The list of covered events includes:


  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Smoke damage
  • Robbery and burglary damage
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • Lightning
  • Weight of ice and snow
  • Wind and hail
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Falling objects
  • Glass damage
  • Explosion
  • Riot and civil unrest
  • Accidental water or steam discharge
  • Sudden cracking, tearing apart or burning or bulging of systems
  • Freezing of pipes or utility systems (plumbing, a/c, heating, fire suppressant) and domestic appliances
  • Damage caused by an artificial electrical current


It is worth reiterating that in the event of an apartment complex fire or your unit being burglarized and many items stolen for example, you will have no financial recourse without your own private and personal renters insurance Colorado product.

In the case of shared accommodation, renters insurance Colorado companies only extend cover to the named policyholder. In other words, each occupant of any rental property must hold their own individual Colorado policy.

A standard Colorado renters insurance quote is for a policy that settles any claims on a cash value basis. The default Colorado renters insurance approach is therefore to reimburse you for any items lost or damaged according to the used or depreciated value of the item. A renters insurance Colorado endorsement can be purchased, which changes the agreed settlement method.

A renters insurance Colorado 'Replacement Cost' product is a better product that reimburses you for losses at the full cost to replace items new, as determined by the insurer. The endorsement will add to the cost of the Colorado renters insurance quote and premium. Some Colorado renters insurance policy offerings may come with this approach as standard, however this is not necessarily a cheaper option that adding an endorsement to a basic standard renters insurance Colorado product.

Your chosen renters insurance Colorado dollar limit for personal property is an important choice, but it should also be noted that all policies have claim restrictions within this amount.

Personal property renters insurance in Colorado is offered as standard under an 'Unscheduled' approach. This means that individual items you own are not specifically identified or scheduled in the insurance declarations or agreement documentation.

Renters insurance Colorado claims are subjected to category item limits (e.g. jewelry or computer equipment). Renters insurance Colorado claims in respect to a number of different categories of belongings as classified by the insurer are therefore capped not to payout beyond a certain amount within what is an aggregate total potential claim amount. In some cases (again e.g. jewelry) there are per-item limits in addition to per-category limits.

Where necessary, in order to avoid these standard renters insurance Colorado restrictions, customers 'Schedule' or itemize certain belongings. When scheduling items for renters insurance Colorado consumers pay an additional premium for each itemization. Scheduling requires that the customer provides prior proof of value in the form or purchase receipt or appraisal.

Loss of Use

CO renters insurance for loss of use pays for additional living expenses. This renters insurance CO cover reimburses you for extraordinary costs that can arise when you cannot occupy your home because of an insured event (e.g. hotel bill).

Medical Payments To Guests

Covers guest medical expenses for visitors or guests that become injured at your home.

Personal Liability

Colorado renters insurance for personal liability is a useful and important part of the package that is Colorado renters insurance. This coverage helps protect your financial situation in the event that you are sued and face court awarded damages for a negligent act or omission on your part.

If you cause or are deemed to have caused personal injury to someone or damage to their physical property you could face a significant financial judgment if sued by the injured party. Personal liability renters insurance Colorado can meet such judgment and pay for associated legal defense costs. This important renters insurance Colorado protection can safeguard your savings, assets and future wages.

Cheap Renters Insurance Colorado

Find here online renters insurance Colorado providers that may offer you the best rate quote. Free quotes for renters insurance in Colorado are available from all carriers listed. Collecting several quotes is the principal route to savings over and above coverage decisions. Quotes from renters insurance Colorado providers are based upon the rates that each insurer sets. While the dollar amount of coverage you choose affects the cost of a Colorado renters insurance premium, in the first instance and fundamentally, who has the best deal and the cost of quotes is heavily influenced by the underlying base rate set by the insurer and largely dependent on location. Finding a low rate carrier here will lead to the best savings and cheapest renters insurance Colorado premium. That said, although shopping quotes for the best deal here can save you money, in general quotes and CO renter insurance Colorado premiums are very affordable, costing just a few dollars a month (although you should try to pay premiums in full). Whether you require renters insurance Denver, renters insurance Colorado Springs or coverage for any CO renter location, find the best quote from Colorado renter companies listed here online today.


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