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Renters insurance | get deals on renter insurance from top renters insurance providers online today. Find low cost renters insurance from approved insurers in your state, affordable renters insurance from well known carriers and other companies who can offer renter insurance discounts here online. Most general insurers offer renters insurance, in addition to home owner coverage where offered.

Because landlords only insure the building structure, not your possessions, renter insurance is required to protect your personal property from the financial consequences of damage and theft. Renters insurance also offers protection for any liability claims made against you, should a visitor be injured in or around your rented accommodation.

renter insurance

Why Buy Renters Insurance?

When you buy renters insurance you gain critical protection not afforded you anywhere else.   

It is important to note that in the case of fire, even though the property owner will have coverage against this peril, it does not extend any protection to you and covers the owners building structure only, not your contents.

So, in addition to providing critical coverage for burglary and theft, if a renter suffers a loss due to fire, the other major protection afforded, they will not be financially protected without having their own personal renters insurance policy.

Still wondering about a renters insurance policy?

Why Buy Renters Insurance

In addition to fire loss protection for your belongings, renters insurance helps meet additional expenses when you are displaced from a damaged apartment or accommodation. When you consider that the value of your stuff can add up significantly, and that statistically, renters suffer more burglary/theft loss than home owners, the need for renters insurance becomes clear.

Typical renters insurance covers the renter for the same contents and personal possessions protection that home owners enjoy - without the added expense of insuring the dwelling or building itself. Insurance for renters is provided for the policy named only, which means that insurance for renters is person, not accommodation specific. Anyone who shares the accommodation with you will not be covered unless they have their own renters insurance cover.

Renters insurance is offered under form HO4 which typically provides top renter insurance cover under the following categories:

Renter Insurance 

renter insurance

What does a renters policy contain?

1. Personal Property Protection:

This covers damage to or loss of your possessions whilst they were located at your residence and very often, if your personal property is damaged or lost whilst located off or away from your residence, for example if you were traveling.

Renters insurance protects your possessions against a long list of named perils, however, the most noteworthy are protection against damage or loss due to fire, smoke, explosion, burglary, theft, vandalism and malicious mischief.

Renters insurance policies offer reimbursement in the event of a claim based on either the actual cash value (second hand used value) of the items claimed for, or on a new replacement cost basis. The standard renters insurance approach from most renters insurance providers is to offer replacement cost coverage for an additional charge by way of an endorsement to the basic renters insurance product; second hand actual cash value is often the default approach. If replacement cost is preferred, it may still be cheaper to add this on, rather than seek a renters insurance provider that can offer this as standard.

2. Renter insurance liability protection:

Or renters insurance against liability claims. This pays for the cost of legal representation and for any financial judgment against you if you are held liable for an accident or injury caused to another or for causing damage to their property.

3. Renters insurance for loss of use:

Renters insurance normally includes Additional Living Expenses cover: This reimburses you the cost of having to stay elsewhere if you are temporarily unable to live in your accommodation due to an insured peril or covered circumstance. It also covers associated additional living expenses.

4. Renters insurance for medical payments:

Renters insurance normally contains guest medical cost protection for visitors who may be injured at your residence. This pays for the injured persons medical expenses.

Insurance for renters is normally offered as a packaged product containing all of the above types of coverage. Insurance for renters is sometimes referred to as Tenants Insurance. Renters insurance and tenants insurance are the same thing or type of insurance.

Renters insurance is a smart purchase no matter what type of accommodation you rent. Renters insurance provides peace of mind for those living in apartment complexes where fire can spread from, or water damage originate from adjacent units. It is also worth noting that it is your renters insurance policy (not your vehicle policy) that provides cover for personal items stolen from your (or anyone's) vehicle.

When looking to purchase new renter insurance or when your existing renter insurance is set to expire, it is advisable to shop around for quotes. Prices vary between different providers, often significantly. We list the latest including best companies for your area. Check out top renters insurance carriers and companies that can offer discounts here online and get a deal on renters insurance today.

A renters insurance comparison can be made of product coverage, quality, service and price. Many renters insurance comparison reviews focus on the quality issues; pricing is unique to the policyholder based on location and coverage amount chosen. Irrespective of coverage choice, affordable renters insurance is widely available. 

Affordable Renters Insurance

How to get renters insurance that's affordable? Shopping for several quotes here is recommended because it reveals price rate differentials between insurers. When we compare renters insurance base rates we observe the variations that underpin quote competitiveness. You may compare renters insurance in many ways but because policies are generally most affordable, choosing a carrier with a good track record of quality customer service and claims handling is a good approach. Those seeking lowest renters insurance may raise their deductible, accept cash value settlement and shop harder to find those carries with the best rates. A renters insurance calculator can help estimate an appropriate coverage amount. Many carriers provide a renters insurance calculator as a way to illustrate the surprising value of your belongings when all added up. It is important to set the right amount of coverage and avoid being underinsured. Renter insurance is not expensive and for the most part very affordable wherever you live. Find companies here that may offer the best quotes in your area.


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