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Rental insurance rates and discount rental insurance provider listing | find companies in your area who can offer rental insurance to suit your needs. View major carriers and local discount rental insurance providers and gather the best direct rental insurance pricing today.

If you are a non-owner occupier of rented accommodation then you'll require a personal policy in order to protect your possessions from damage and theft financial consequences. Rental insurance is synonymous with, one and the same as renters insurance for those who do not own the building or dwelling in which they reside.

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It is important to understand that as a renter, you take responsibility for financially protecting your belongings through the purchase of private and personal rental insurance, more commonly known as renters insurance.

Rental policyholders are not concerned with financial protection for the structure of the building or the dwelling itself since this concerns the owner of the premises. Although the landlord invariably holds rental dwelling insurance protection against the peril of fire, rental dwelling insurance does not extend to provide coverage for your possessions within the rented accommodation itself.

cheap rental insurance This means that those renting their accommodation are required to hold individual rental insurance (aka renters insurance) in order to protect their belongings or contents. This is especially important when one considers that rental insurance protects against loss caused by fire and smoke at apartment complexes where such can quickly spread from the source unit.

One of the reasons why a good rental insurance product is so important is that renters are more susceptible to the acts or omissions of others in a shared residential environment. This includes having less control over fire risks, security, visitors and crime. In fact, those renting are statistically more likely to be a victim of theft or burglary damage when compared to the average homeowner.

Typical rental insurance for contents will protect the policyholder from the following rental insurance perils or events, i.e. provide financial recourse in the event of a claim with the rental insurance company. 

Rental Insurance Coverage

What does rental insurance cover?

1. Rental Insurance for Personal possessions:

For damage or loss caused by burglary and theft, malicious mischievous acts and vandalism and robbery. Fire and smoke damage and explosion. Lightning, windstorm and hail, riot, civil commotion, aircraft and vehicles. Falling objects, weight of ice and snow, freezing of plumbing system and sudden and accidental discharge of water from plumbing or appliances.  

Rental insurance covers your belongings when situated in the residence and also whilst away from your home (e.g. in your vehicle or with you anywhere). 

2. Rental insurance for personal liability:

Protects you financially against any claim for negligent type behavior on your part, actual or false, including for accidental injuries caused to another person or damage to their property. Also includes lawsuit defense costs.  

3. Rental insurance for loss of use of accommodation:

Reimbursement for the cost of having to temporarily live somewhere else owing to a covered event. Rental loss insurance or additional living expense coverage can help with a range of expenses.

4. Medical Payments:

Bills expense payments for anyone injured at your residence.

What is rental insurance for homes or house rental insurance, including condo rental insurance is known more commonly and sold as the renters insurance product; also relevant for apartment renting. 

There are various ways by which one may reduce their rental insurance cost. These include carefully selecting the right coverage amount and rental insurance deductible mix, together with opting for cash value settlement as opposed to actual replacement cost.

Before seeking a rental insurance rate quote decide what amount of principal coverage to select e.g. 10K through 75K or more. The standard approach for setting rental insurance cover is to assume a total loss situation, that is where your entire contents or possessions are lost due to fire. Cheap rental insurance will be associated with a lower figure and higher deductible choice. Coverage amount is known as the limit of liability for rental insurance.

Rental insurance policies which payout claims according to the actual replacement cost of items are more expensive than those premiums that reflect the actual cash value (ACV) approach. The latter rental insurance settlement ACV approach pays only the depreciated or used item's value.

Decide which of the two settlement methods you prefer before you seek rental insurance price quotes. Also it is best to calculate in advance how much rental insurance coverage you require and whether you are prepared to accept a higher deductible on balance of risk in order to lower the premium cost.

The rental insurance rates charged by various insurers for your specific location vary. Rental insurance rates often vary significantly, in some cases giving rise to substantial price quote differences; where quotes are dependent on the initial basic rate. It is always recommended to research rental insurance pricing from a few carriers. You may also find discount quotes here online; checkout the latest rental insurance today.

Cheap Rental Insurance

When seeking cheap rental insurance or renters protection there are various approaches. The aforementioned coverage choices can help lower your premium and there are discounts that one may qualify for. Fundamentally however, how much is rental insurance is a product of exact home location, coverage amount required and the choice of insurer for base rate competitiveness. Rental insurance discounts lose their value when pre-discount quotes are already inflated owing to an expensive base rate. Shopping for quotes helps reveal the rate differentials in the market. The cheapest rental insurance companies for your location and coverage need may or may not afford the best quality. Rental insurance services and customer satisfaction are important considerations in addition to best company rates. Rental insurance services including claims handling and fairness of settlements made are quality measures worth considering. Because rates for rental coverage are generally very affordable, the best rental insurance may come from a well known carrier that can provide quality service and online support. You may find a summary list here of potential carriers in your area.


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